1722 eSEND

Short Message Service is very useful in Marketing to promote Company Branding, Text Blasting for company updates or announcements, birthday greetings to employees or clients to build rapport. This can also be used in Document Approval for security reasons and a lot more.

Features :

  • Sender ID
    – sending announcement to your constituents/client using your Sender ID makes your message Legit.
    – the Sender ID makes the impression to your client that the Organization is active, aggressive and working.
    – it can also be used as a promotional tool for your organization.
  • Messages
    – send messages to your contact individually, in a group or specific demography.
    – schedule messages to be sent weekly, monthly or in daily basis.
    – automate notification for monthly dues, meetings and announcement.
    – broadcast important information during disaster and emergencies.
  • Contacts
    – import or export contact lists in bulk.
    – group contacts by demography.
    – unlimited contact details; all this can be filtered when sending SMS.
  • Keywords
    – unlimited Keywords for different use case.
    – for information dissemination.
    – information gathering.
    – interaction with constituents during special events.
    – special Keywords that can only be used by specific persons/ numbers.
  • Report Generation
    – unlimited data that can be collected via specific keywords.
    – data exporting by keywords or dates.
    – data that can be used for planning and key decisions.