The company started as a sole proprietorship in 2014, then expanded and ventured into a Corporation – named as 1722 I.T. Corporation. Through this expansion, we aim to serve more and bigger clients with better customer service. 1722 I.T. Corporation is Cebu based WEB Software Company, founded by highly trained and experienced IT professionals with strong expertise on different areas of Information Technology. We specialize on Custom Web and Mobile App Integration for industry specific solutions.


1722 I.T. Corporation provides SOLUTION from Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) to Large Scale through the application of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY in an innovative technique. Through careful assessments, design and implementation, we ensure that all solutions operate at an optimum performance.

With our solid experience on Information Technology we give our customers the confidence they need, to thrive amids today’s business demands. With technology constantly evolving, our Consultants and Certified Technical Experts stay on top on the latest advances to make sure our clients can remain competitive. We provide IT Support to businesses like, Retail, Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Government Offices; navigate the ever-increasing demands of business and the technology that powers it.



Our Core Values drives and guides us as we serve the various sectors in the market.

We are committed to:

  • Collaboration: We are dedicated to have a constructive, team-oriented environment, gathering diverse perspectives, sharing knowledge, and building effective partnerships with key stakeholders.
  • Continuous Improvement: We strive for operational excellence through the unceasing development with regards to professional and educational upgrading of our company staff and the organization as a whole.
  • Innovation: We encourage creative and critical thinking in the development of Technology Services and solutions.
  • People: We listen to, respect, and care for our Business Owners and Key Personnel, both professionally and personally to maintain a healthy working and business relationship with one another.
  • Service: We strive to provide outstanding service through being consistent, agile, reliable, and accessible to all.
  • Transparency: We leverage open communications and thoughtful business processes to be accountable in our interactions and our work.


We are passionate to offer secure, reliable, and integrated Information Technology Solutions and excellence in customer service.

To realize the above Mission, we will:

  • Understand the Information Technology needs of Business Owner, Manager, Contractor, Staff and Client.
  • Provide leadership and planning for the effective and strategic use of emerging technologies.
  • Demonstrate technical and operational excellence through a commitment to professionalism and continuous improvement.
  • To bring information technology to the core of our client’s business operations and maximize its potential.


  • We aim to provide an advanced, high standard and excellent Information Technology Services to our clients in various market sectors, in their daily operation needs.